Family Photography


Family Portrait Sessions – Studio and/or Location. Please contact us for our various packages and rates.

We love photographing people, from single portraits to entire families, from expecting mothers to newborns and babies. Best of all is knowing that we are capturing an amazing stage of peoples lives for them to share with friends and family as well as to treasure forever. Your input is very important to us, therefore we will first discuss the shoot with you to make sure we are all on the same page as to what you want from the session.

We offer a few photographic approaches to capturing your family, this could be in your home or in our studio or on location. A studio shoot has more controlled lighting for a distinctive look whereas a location shoot in your home or even in a forest, an open field, the beach or a beautiful garden will provide natural images with a more relaxed and warm feel to them. A location also offers more variety when it comes to different settings depending on the location that is chosen.

So whether you choose something adventurous or a more traditional memory chat to us about personalizing the experience for you. We will then take as many photos as possible until we have the required amount of fantastic photographs for your chosen package.

To Consider…

  • Early morning or late afternoon is the most ideal time for location portraiture. The light is softer and warmer and therefore much more flattering for people, especially the mature or elderly. The hour just before sunset is known as the Golden Hour and photographers love this light because of the aforesaid reason. However this is not always enough time or not always possible for other reasons so us photographers have ways and means to work around this.

  • Wardrobe selection – First and foremost, you and your family want to be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Consider choosing something that matches each members personality but is not too matchy-matchy with the rest of the family, also batman or Cinderella outfits are not a good idea. Avoid wearing clothing with writings/logos basically anything that is too distracting. Depending on the overall idea for the session, choose one classic and one casual attire. Wear the classic clothing at the beginning of the session. The first 30 minutes of your session may be slightly tense and, well, formal! This is the time to take all “serious” photos out of the way. As you start easing up and getting used to you the camera you will slowly ease into your fun mode and change into your more relaxing outfits.

  • It is important to understand that quality and not quantity should be the focus and objective of our session. When we are doing styled photography, although there is a minimum amount of agreed pictures, we focus on and do everything in our power to capture beautiful, stunning images within the allotted time frame available to us. If your children are a little unsettled on the day, we sometimes push the session into extra time at no extra cost to make sure you walk away with at least the agreed minimum and that those images are beautiful.